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Picky Pup Plan

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Thoughtfully curated meal plans, each with a balance mix of different proteins to naturally enhance your dog’s health.


Picky Pup 

  • Tailored for dogs with selective tastes or picky eating habits.
  • Offers a variety of protein sources and flavors to entice picky eaters.
  • Includes palatable textures to make mealtime more enjoyable.
  • Provides essential nutrients to meet dietary needs despite selective eating.

Note : Contents in pre-selected plans are not replaceable to other proteins or products.



  • FREE Treats with every plan when you subscribe
  • Save up to -10% off when you subscribe


Each Protein Chosen With Purpose

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Chicken Recipe

Beef Recipe

Lamb Recipe

Pork Recipe

Salmon Recipe

Pork & Duck Mixer

Nourishing Broth

Treat of the month (FREE)

Picky Pup Plan is a selection most doggo’s favourite recipes exclusively for dogs with selective tastes or picky eating habits. A balanced diet not only keeps them fit from inside out, but is also the key to longevity!

Main meals

  • Chicken Recipe
  • Lamb Recipe
  • Beef Recipe
  • Pork Recipe
  • Salmon Recipe

Topper & Treats

  • Pork, Duck & Goji berry Recipe
  • Nourishing Broth x 1 *Different flavour each month
  • FREE Treat of the month x 1 *Different mix of light chew and jerky treats every month
  • Active adult dogs of all breeds & sizes.
  • Suitable for sensitive dogs under-going elimination feeding trial.
  • Not suitable for dogs that needs to loose some calories
  • Monthly saving up to 10%
  • Free new product samplers
  • Free monthly delivery

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Feeding guide

The quantities below are meant as a rough guide. The correct amount of food will depend on your dog’s level of activity, breed, age and if they are overweight or underweight. Daily feeding amount should be split between 2 meals.

What Makes Our Food So Special

We do it a bit differently by rotating a wide variety of vegetable and organic superfoods just so that your dog doesn’t get stuck to the same ingredients over a long period of time.

Your dog gets different nutrients, lowers risks of allergies as they get to eat different ingredients (train their digestive systems) and stays excited every meal.

Balance diet over time

Healthier gut system

Lowers risks of allergies

Stays excited every meal

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