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Goat P-Stick


Natural chews | Gently De-hydrated

  • Promote healthier teeth, gums and fresher breath by removing plaque and tartar
  • Chewing action of eating the bones exercises jaw, neck and shoulder muscles
  • Immensely satisfying and relaxing experience for dogs
  • Serve as natural chew.
  • Safe and natural way to satisfy your dog’s desire to chew
  • Single ingredient
  • Handmade in small batch
  • 100% All Natural. Nothing Artificial

100% Goat penis. Nothing else

Texture: Chewy

Suitable For:

Puppies of 7 months above & adult dogs only

S – ( 1kg-4kg ) dogs

M – ( 5kg-10kg ) dogs

L – ( 10kg > ) dogs

Recommended For:
Teeth cleaning. 

Additional Information:

Feed in moderation. 
We recommend that your dog / cat is supervised when given treats. Always ensure fresh filtered water is made available.

Recreational bones are solely for chewing purpose only.

  • Always supervise your dog while chewing
  • Always give in moderation; ideally 3-4 times a month
  • Choose a size that cannot be swallowed whole
  • NOT suitable for dogs with food aggression / eats too quickly

How to give your dog bones safely?

  1. Slowly introduce this bone to them by letting them chew for 15 minutes the first time & increase over time.
  2. Always dispose the splinters or loose pieces (if any)  that can be swallowed whole.
  • Store in a cool, dry area for 14 days (unopened) or freeze for up to 6 months.
  • Best consumed within 2 weeks
  • Reseal after opening
  • If storing after a chew session, rinse with hot water, dry and store in airtight bag or container in the fridge.
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