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How To Meal Prep
with 5 Easy Steps

If you are planning to or are already feeding home cooked food to your pet, we have 3 feeding options for you.
You can also find easy preparation instructions here!


Store Frozen

Keep up to 6 months in freezer, stored frozen (-18°c) & below. Consume within 24hrs once defrosted or thawed.



Transfer to chiller overnight or thaw over hot water. Ready to serve straight up from the fridge.

This is the best way to provide your doggo optimal nutrition.


Warm Up

If needed, Gently warm it up to suit your doggo, becareful not to over-cook it!


Add Toppings

Top it up with all-natural meal boosters like bone broths, kefir, and others if needed for that extra nourishment.


Serve Up​

Healthy, happy doggo with lotsa drools & tail wags !​
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